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Susumo Engineering at Vasai,Mumbai, Handling of Sand, Grit, Metal, Debris, Loading of Concrete Mixer, Dumper, Tractor Trolleys, Dozing/Levelling of Ground, Roads etc, Handling of Snow & Light sand, Fork Lift, Pallet Lifting, Waste/Debris Collection Bin, Excavating, Digging, Trenching, PipeLaying, Drilling In Ground For Poles, Fences & Plants, Crane, Lifting of Heavy Parts, Breaker For Rocks, Concrete etc, Cutting Weeds/Lawn,Cultivating, Tilling, Ploughing, Sweeping of Roads, Trailer Towing, Towing Truck, Tunneiling Machine
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  • skidsteer

  • The Machine works miraculously by floating over the water.

    The main structure consists of a float hollow pontoon which helps the machine to float. The pontoon has 3 legs ending into cylindrical hollow wheels made of steel, which helps the pontoon to anchor its position while excavating.

    The hydraulic arm with a small bucket excavates silt from bottom of the lake / nalla. Useful for narrow as well as wide nalla / lake desilting.

    For moving to & fro in water of over land the wheels are aligned parallel to the machine & the arm pushes or pulls against the ground thus moving the machine.

    The machine has to be transported over long distance in a trailer. It has to be loaded on the trailer by a crane.