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Back Hoe Loader

  • back-hoe-loader

  • Overall Specifications  
    Engine Hydraulic System
    Diesel Pipe 24 hp Pump Gear Pumps
    Cylinders 2 nos Flow Max 40 Lpm
    Cooled Water Operating Pressure 175 Bar
    Transmission Service Capacities
    Type Hydrostatic-variable pump and motor w. mechanical reduction gear  Engine Oil
    5 L
    Speeds 6 kmp. Max Hydraulic Circuit 80 L
    Frames And Steering Front loader Performance
    Frame Articulated Bucket Capacity 400 Litres
        Width 1300 mm
        Lift Capacity 500 kg
    Axle And Tyres Excavator Performance
    Axle Both rigid Standard Model  
    Tyres 10-16.5  Max Excavation Depth 1500 mm
        Max Excavation Distance 3200 mm
    Electric system   Max Loading height 2300 mm
    Battery 12 Volts , Ah 80 Breakout Force Bucket 2000 kg
    Alternator Ah 26 Rear Excavator Rapidly detachable